LTI’s Industry Solutions

With Engineering DNA and cross-vertical domain expertise, LTI offers industry-specific as well as digitally-focused solutions using the power and flexibility of S/4HANA, to help its global clients accelerate value realization of investments.

Industry Solutions

LTI is successfully constructing digital cores for its global clients, transforming their business through intelligent solutions and technologies. By rebuilding your digital core on SAP S/4HANA, we help you leverage intelligent digital solutions across your industry value chain.

Such a foundation allows you to deploy and leverage new-age technologies such as IoT, mobile, social, analytics, automation and cloud. Plus, we fast-track the entire journey, using our proven Mosaic automation platform.

Life Sciences - LTI LIFE

Digital transformation in the life sciences is imperative for companies to become agile, have transparent supply and logistic networks, ensure seamless workflows, and access granular, timely insights. LTI Life, our pre-configured SAP S/4HANA solution for the life sciences industries, is designed to transcend into the digital ERP world and realize value quickly.

Its three-tiered business architecture with flexible, modular deployment lays down the foundation of SAP Life Sciences solution with a digital core, deploys LTI Life Sciences Applications via SAP’s Business Technology Platform, and drives company-specific intelligence and insights with automation. Our low-risk SAP transformation advisory services guide you on strategy-to-roadmap and implementation-through-operate to realize value. Our experts work hand-in-hand to leverage industry best practices for your specific scenario to ensure a competitive advantage.

Engineering & Construction Industry

LTI, with its strong domain experience and industry expertise, helps Engineering & Construction (E&C) companies to simplify, innovate and accelerate projects. We offer end-to-end solutions, which address the processes, right from bidding to complete execution. We have co-developed Intelligent Construction Enterprise (ICE) Solution with SAP, powered by S/4HANA, SAP Cloud Platform & Leonardo for E&C businesses. The solution addresses industry specific nuances and builds robust digital foundation that paves way for creating intelligent project eco-system.

Consumer Packaged Goods

In Today’s digital era consumers have wide variety of choices available in terms of products, channels and delivery. This changing dynamic puts increasing pressure on consumer products companies to respond to dynamic demands of individual customers. SAP S/4HANA and intelligent enterprise empowers consumer products companies to accelerate time to market, Real Time supply chain, agile manufacturing and strategic sourcing. LTI (LoB) solutions for CPG industry helps the customers to ensure flawless execution of processes allowing them to reach consumers on time, accurate demand visibility and forecasting , Inventory Optimization ,enhanced Sales & improved customer experience.


The Automotive industry is being constantly revolutionized to owing to the emerging trends viz. innovative manufacturing techniques, connected ecosystem and unparalleled customer experience. SAP S/4HANA support this transformation by bringing product development, supply-chain, manufacturing, finance and service together to provide seamless visibility across the enterprise. LTI LOB solutions for Automotive industry coupled with S/4HANA intelligent deliver accelerated time to market, optimized costs & margins, minimized inventory & lead time. The leverage of LTI’s proprietary solutions like Intelligent Asset Management, Blockchain based Supply chain, Inventory optimization, Multilevel ATP solutions helps our client to address the emerging trends in automotive industry.

Oil & Gas

Major challenges impacting the Oil & Gas industry like volatile oil prices, continued regulatory, compliance and security, Re-orientation of global supply chain demand for solutions like optimized Capex spend, exponential investments in compliance management solutions, improved operational integrity & profits. LTI’s niche Oil & Gas domain focused solutions viz. Fuel Compliance Management Processes, IoT based Intelligent Asset Management ,Spend Analytics, Asset Management Workbench provide our clients with digital tools to combat the challenges posed by the industry. LTI helps oil and gas companies to transform to intelligent enterprises through integrated business applications that use intelligent technologies and can be extended on SAP Cloud Platform. This enables next-generation business processes to deliver breakthrough business value on our customers’ journey to becoming intelligent enterprises.


Digital has empowered the Manufacturing sector to re-envision the existing core business operations and envisage new business models to deliver compelling experiences to its customers. Smart, connected and AI-based products and services have proven to be key digital enablers for disruptions in manufacturing like Industrial IoT, Smart Automation, Digital Twin, etc. LTI delivers spectrum of intelligent solutions enabled by SAP S/4HANA, across manufacturing industry value chain which has helped our customers to balance supply and demand and drive sustainable revenue growth and maintain margins.